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Work History

Freelance Developer / Consultant 2018 - Current

  • Develop Websites and Digital Experiences for clients
  • Designed and Developed CRM for RamJack using PWA methods in React.js
  • Shopify Development for Charlie Hustle & Messenger Coffee
  • Overhauled online sales process for multiple coffee roasters

Product Designer / Developer 2016

Text in Church - Kansas City, MO

  • Created UX/UI wireframes
  • Designed UI for public and non-public views
  • Lead frontend developer
  • Built core app functionality around text messaging and voice calls

Frontend Engineer - UX 2016

Loop - Kansas City, MO

  • Reconfigured Asset Management
  • Develop React.js Components
  • Worked with Lead Designer on User Experience workflows

I was approached by Loop to take the lead on frontend development of their application. I worked closely with the lead designer to create views for the app and built React.js components for the Loop education communication platform.

Fullstack Web Developer 2014

Barkley - Kansas City, MO

  • Developed Websites for various clients
  • Worked with Account Teams to estimate project timelines
  • Contributed to Open Source software

My years at Barkley were spent working closely with Design and User Experience teams to develop websites for global clients of various sizes. I was involved in the entire project lifecycle starting with Project Discovery, Time Estimates, and UX planning and saw projects through until completion.

Product Developer 2014

Dewsly  - Kansas City, MO

  • Worked with designers and developers on UI/UX overhaul
  • Organized and established frontend assets and workflow
  • Designed and Developed Public and Authenticated User Experiences

My time with Dewsly was spent rebuilding the frontend of their Edtech software to improve the user experience and reduce frontend related load times across the marketing site and the Dewsley Application.

Full Stack Developer 2011 - 2014

Creative Computer - Laurel, MS

  • Designed and developed websites
  • Built advanced Wordpress themes
  • Increased average project ROI
  • Met with clients to develop strategy for web based projects
  • Estimated project expenses and quotes

I was approached by Creative Computer to oversee their web design department.  Due to my level of involvement with clients, the focus of the company ultimately adjusted to provide better digital solutions for clients. Creative Computer now produces full service websites, digging deeper into the client's overall mission. I worked strategically with clients to meet their needs and expand their goals through innovative methods.

Designer/Developer 2009 - 2011

Roberts Creative - Laurel, MS

  • Oversaw production of websites.
  • Designed printed materials and web graphics
  • Captured and edited photos and video

During my time at Roberts Creative, I was responsible for developing all types of multimedia. I designed websites and worked with outsourced developers to create innovative and complex products. I met with clients on a regular basis to develop new and creative ways to meet their marketing needs.

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