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Mean Mule Distilling Co

Mean Mule Gold

Jeff and Meg Evans approached me in the early stages in their pursuit to open a new distillery in the Kansas City area. Their product, an Agave Spirit, would be fermented, distilled, and bottled in Kansas City with sourced sugars, 100% weber blue agave, from Mexico. They had a great product, and a great story but needed help selling the product to the general public and to potential investors.

Where do you start?

I first set out to capture the direction of this yet to be established brand. Their product was objectively Central American, their personal aesthetic was more southwestern than anything else, and I'm from the Deep South but we're doing this in the Midwest.

Mean Mule Silver

The Midwest Aesthetic

I dove into research, took personal accounts from many people who have lived the entirety of their lives in the Midwest, and gathered as much source material as I could. In the end I found something unsurprisingly ordinary yes surprisingly comfortable.

The Midwest represents the comforts of being known first by yourself, and second by your neighbors. It impresses without ego, it is proud of it's accomplishments, but not boastful or damning. This would be the foundation for the branding around the Mean Mule Distilling Co.

Mean Mule Website

Next Steps

A website was designed and developed to give a home for the brand to grow while a physical location was in production. The success of the web presence has directly affected the positive growth in the brand and the distribution of Mean Mule Distilling Co products.

The website was designed to house general information, a contact form, cocktail recipes, and a location finder for customers to find Mean Mule products across Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

The website was developed as a Wordpress theme and makes use of the Google Maps API to display locations on a map.