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Ram Jack CRM

PWA CRM built with React

I was approached by Kansas City based product development team 5&2 Studio to help solve a problem for an existing client. The client has a custom CRM that works well for them but for the technicians on the road the application is unusable.

How many options you got? A lot.

We started the conversation by comparing the client needs, potential added value opportunities, cost, and development resources. The end result must give techs the ability to view work opportunities and manage client relations from a mobile device. 5and2 Studio would work in conjunction with the Ram Jack dev ops team so the final product would need to be easily handed off.

React Native would have been a fine solution but after some healthy debate on how we ought to build the most affective tool for Ram Jack to use, a Progressive Web App was the decided direction.

Design + Build

One benefit for building a PWA was the ability to bundle both a desktop and mobile experience into one app. While the desktop experience wouldn't been used initially, design and development prepared the way for a future development phase to make use of the same app for both a mobile experience and a desktop one that could be added to a users device.

The timeline and resource restriction lead to the decision to use the Bluma CSS Framework to take care of the bulk of the scaffolding. Kea was chosen to help with state management. The app was built using React and made use of Formik for forms.